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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a listing on OYEZ.COM.AU help me?

OYEZ.COM.AU has a team of SEO, copywriting and social media people working full-time to build the organic visibility of the portal on Google and other search engines. We aim to offer relevant, informative, organically visible content (including listings) that help to solve the real-world problems of our visitors. This strategy drives authority and trust in us – and by default in you. Our goal is to place you and your message in front of prospective clients at the exact moment when they are looking for a lawyer. That translates into viable leads and more clients for you!

What methods of payment do you accept?

All payments are processed by Stripe. Stripe is a large, international payment processor with millions of customers worldwide. You can learn more about Stripe at Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer alternative payment methods.

Do you offer a discount if I pay in advance?

Yes. When you click on the SUBSCRIBE button you’ll be offered the option to prepay and save. For Premium ads our yearly payment plan is $490 and for Featured ads it is $1,290. In other words, you’ll receive 12 months of advertising for the price of 10 months – saving you just over 15% on monthly plan rates.

Can I cancel my paid listing?

All paid listings run for an initial term of 12 months, then automatically keep renewing unless you ask us to stop. You can cancel your paid listing by giving us 30 days notice, once your initial 12 month contract period has expired. You’ll still be entitled to a free listing even if you cancel.

Can I have more than one listing?

You are entitled to one free listing for every physical location that your practice operates from. If you have two offices that means you can have two listings. As a Premium or Featured advertiser, we will permit you to purchase ads for additional locations.

Can I add my listing in more than one category?

Yes. We encourage practice owners to add themselves to as many categories as apply to their practice. This assists users of OYEZ.COM.AU to locate a lawyer who best suits their needs.

Can I update my listing?

Yes. After you SUBSCRIBE we will provide you with login details to OYEZ.COM.AU, usually within 24 hours. Once logged in you will have full editorial control over your listing. You are also welcome to seek our assistance by sending us a support request, via our customer support page.

How will people find my listing?

OYEZ.COM.AU works to make all listings visible in Google organic search results. Whilst some users will search OYEZ.COM.AU directly, prospective clients are far more likely to find your listing via organic search on Google. Premium and Featured advertisers benefit from targeted SEO work that our team does on their listings, meaning greater organic visibility and more visitation.

What does your SEO cover?

For Premium and Featured advertisers, our SEO team will work on your listing to further optimise its visibility on Google. Premium advertisers benefit from on-page optimisation which covers focusing of specific keyword sets, individual assistance with creating h tags, editing page titles and meta descriptions, optimisation of copy and close attention to other on-page metrics. Featured advertisers also benefit from off-page SEO, which includes us building relevant, inbound links to your listing page(s), which power stronger organic visibility in search.

How do I get help or support?

Help is as simple as contacting our team via our customer support page. We do our best to respond to all support requests within four hours, Monday to Friday, during business hours (AEST). At worst, we’ll come back to you within one business day – hopefully with your issue fully resolved. We do not provide telephone-based support.