How do I know if I am getting quality legal advice?

When facing traffic or criminal charges, it is important to take steps to ensure that you get the right legal advice. Your future may depend on this!

The first step to ensuring that you get the right legal advice is to check the qualifications and experience of your Lawyer. This can be achieved by going to the Law Society website and ensuring that your Solicitor appears on the Law Society’s Register of Solicitors. If a person’s name is not on the Law Society Register, then you are most likely dealing with a Paralegal who has limited, if any, court experience. Further, the Law Society does not approve of Paralegals providing legal advice to the public.

The Register will also tell you how experienced a Solicitor is. It does this by indicating the year in which the Solicitor gained admission to practice as a Solicitor. Generally, Solicitors with more than 2 years of experience tend to know the law quite well!

Next, examine the web page of the law firm that you intend to deal with. Does the law firm’s web page provide quality information about the service that you are seeking? Or does the web page simply report that the service is provided by the firm, without proving any real information about the service? Quality information on a webpage is often an indicator that a quality service will be provided.

Finally, check reviews to see what the public are saying!